Essential Products for Pets

It is not difficult to see that Australian pet owners love their pets. Australians spend an estimated $13B each year to care for their pets. Walking down the aisles of your favourite pet store reveals there is an abundance of products on offer claiming to perform various functions.  Deciding what they need and what is nice to have, can be a hard choice.

Keeping them safe…..

All cat owners should have a cat carrier to transport their cat. Apart from the legal obligation to keep your pet restrained in transit, there is also the risk of escape once you reach your destination.  Chasing a stressed cat through traffic after they have escaped the confines of the car could end in disaster.

A cat collar fitted with a bell is a useful accessory for a cat as it alerts birds and wildlife of an impending predatory approach. Due to the very nature of cats, a cat safety collar should break apart if caught on something when climbing, to prevent a choking hazard. Ideally, cats should stay indoors or in an outdoor enclosure to prevent the risk to wildlife.

In public spaces, dog owners must have their dogs on an appropriate lead and under effective control.  There are so many choices from the traditional collar and lead combination, slip leads, head halters, and harnesses.  Choosing the most appropriate option is dependent on the dog, the breed, the capability of the handler and personal preference.

All dogs should be restrained in the car. You can purchase a range of seatbelt or clip-on restraint harnesses. It is a good idea to see if the harness you are considering has been safety tested. To ensure your pet is safe, it must be restrained. It is important to remember that an unrestrained pet poses a significant risk of injury if you are in an accident.


Cats love elevated sleeping spaces, an instinctive and protective mechanism. They will often find confined places to hide in and enjoy igloo beds they can curl up in. A cat generally will be comfortable in your favourite armchair, on your bed or on your legs when you are trying to sleep!

As soon as you bring your puppy home it is important for them to learn where their bed is. Where they sleep is just one of the training habits we can develop in puppies so they have their own safe space. Crate training provides an option for puppies to sleep and offers a safe place. If choosing to use a crate your dog must be able to stand up properly, be able to comfortably turn around inside, and be of sturdy construction. Bedding should be washable and comfortable.

Being a responsible pet parent……

Adopting or purchasing a new companion should be carefully considered. Pets are a long-term commitment and it is essential new pet owners have awareness care for a dog or cat. Cost considerations may include the cost to adopt, de-sexing, microchipping, annual council registration, grooming, vet visits, vaccinations, dental care, monthly treatment for worms/fleas/heartworm/ticks, daycare or holiday care, health insurance and feeding them a good quality diet to help them thrive.

Keeping them looking their best………

Grooming is essential to a pet’s health and wellbeing.

Cats groom themselves and rarely need to be bathed.

How often you groom your dog is entirely up to you, however, there are times when you should bath them and times when you should not. There are also several things to consider when grooming our dogs at home.  The essentials of grooming.

Environmental enrichment, keeping them happy……

Cats sleep for two-thirds of their day. When they are not sleeping, they enjoy watching the world go by. Toys that mimic natural chasing and hunting behaviours are a great way to encourage exercise and prevent boredom. A scratching post is a must to help prevent damage to your furniture.

Enriching the environment and space for your dog is vital to their well-being and fosters a healthy bond between the dog and owner.  Activities such as walking, running, training classes, playing fetch games contribute to good health and wellbeing, good socialization and consolidates the human-animal bond.

Behavioural problems, due to boredom, can be prevented if we provide stimulating and engaging toys and activities while an owner is at work. All toys should be assessed for suitability, durability and be age-appropriate before leaving them unattended – to prevent risk.  Toys that make them ‘work’ are always popular. Remember to allocate any treats in toys from their daily food allowance to prevent obesity.

Feed them well, keep them healthy……

A good diet is essential for the overall development, health and wellbeing of your pet.  Choosing a good quality, developmentally appropriate diet for your puppy and kitten or your adult dog or cat will ensure their growth, energy needs and health is maximized. Choosing a pet food that complies with the Australian Standard – AS5812-2017 will ensure the food is complete and balanced and has the nutrients our pets need for good health. See our Certified Member List for Australian manufacturers who comply with AS5812-2017