Helping your pet with your return to work plans

As pet lovers, we’ve enjoyed seeing the antics of Australian pets whose owners have been working-from-home stream into our social media feeds with much cuteness and amusement.

This pandemic has brought to life the priceless meaning pets bring to our wellbeing.  For those who live solo, pets can make a huge difference when human company is lacking, while others in busy households have found that walking the dog has provided a much needed ‘time out’ from home schooling and other family demands.  It’s also been a great time to settle a new puppy, kitten or rescue pet into its forever home by giving them the time and attention they need during in a new environment.

As movement restrictions begin to ease slowly across our States and Territories, most of us can assume we’ll be back in our usual office routines soon.  Experts say it’s essential to prepare pets for yet another change in routine, and start incorporating tactics now to avoid causing anxiety and distress that could arise from a sudden cutback in human-animal interaction.

Applied animal behaviourist Dr Kate Mornement shared her strategies in this article. They include:

  • reducing attention
  • fewer walks for dogs
  • offering rewards like toys and treats when pets are not with people.

Let’s return the love our pets have shown for us during this challenging time by investing in their future happiness, ensuring that the upcoming change in our lifestyles impacts them in the least upsetting way possible.