PFIAA Pet Food Recall Protocol

PFIAA promotes excellence within the Australian pet food industry by continuously improving and advocating for industry standards to safeguard the health and wellbeing of Australia’s pets.

The PFIAA Pet Food Recall Protocol is central to these efforts. It informs manufacturers how to quickly recognise health and safety risks to pets and effectively manage a thorough and timely recall of their product.

The protocol is modelled on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) guidance for human foods, as a tried-and-tested benchmark, and in recognition that our pets require equal protection in regard to food quality and safety.

The step-by-step framework helps standardise a base ‘best practice’ for pet food companies who choose to be PFIAA members, to whom the Protocol is available.  The framework consists of:

  • Roles are undertaken in a recall and responsibilities of each internal and external stakeholder
  • Decision-making process and recall classifications
  • Information requirements, notifications and communication plans
  • Product retrieval and disposal instructions
  • Documentation and reporting requirements
  • Mock recall recommendations

A full pet food recall plan can be based upon this guidance, to ensure that the responsibilities of the pet food business are fulfilled and that due diligence is followed at every step of the recall process.

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