PFIAA says it’s time for government oversight of the industry


All pets should have access to safe, high-quality, nutritious food, while all pet owners should have confidence and trust in the pet food they purchase.

As an industry, the safety and wellbeing of Australia’s 29 million pets are PFIAA’s number one priority. We believe all pets should have access to safe, high-quality nutrition, while all pet owners should have confidence and trust in the pet food they purchase.

Since its establishment, PFIAA has promoted standards of excellence in Australia’s pet food industry, working closely with members, regulators, and policy makers. We drove the establishment of the Australian Standard (AS 5812-2017) in 2011, and our members voluntarily hold themselves to this high standard in the manufacturing and marketing of our pet foods. 

Our industry supports government oversight

Over the past three years, PFIAA has undertaken considerable work to improve the Standard in line with community expectations. This work has included strengthening critical elements of the Standard, auditing our members annually, and introducing a mandatory recall protocol. 

However, while the Standard exists, it isn’t mandatory, and there are no consequences for those who do the wrong thing, which leaves pets at risk. 

The PFIAA is committed to working with government and animal welfare groups to deliver regulation that holds our sector accountable and ensures all Australian pets have access to safe, high-quality, nutritious food.

The time is now for Australian governments to act

In 2018, the Minister for Agriculture, the Hon David Littleproud MP, established a review to consider the appropriateness of the current approach of regulation of the pet food industry in Australia. During the review process, the PFIAA called for:

  • The Australian Standard to be made mandatory for all pet food manufacturers and marketers; and 
  • An independent body that can enforce recalls where quality or safety issues exist.

We know the Review will consider regulation and as well as options to maintain the status quo to manage the health and safety of pet food in Australia. The decision now rests with state and territory governments.

Consumers want regulation. Animal welfare groups want regulation. Our industry wants regulation. It’s time for all state and territory governments to put their hands up and agree to a model of regulation that delivers the regulatory oversight expected by consumers but is currently missing in Australia.

If you’re a concerned pet owner, we encourage you to contact your local state or territory MP, or the Agriculture Minister in your state and territory and voice your support for reform that delivers the very best for pets.