Tick of Approval

The PFIAA Tick of Approval logo helps you choose safe and nutritious pet food products

Australia is a nation of pet lovers. Dogs remain our most popular pet, with almost half of Australian households having at least one dog. Cats continue to be Australia’s second most popular pet, with a third of all households housing at least one feline companion.1 However, despite this, Australia remains the last developed market in the world without legislation concerning manufactured pet food. You might then be wondering how you can provide safe and nourishing food for your pets?

Since 1972, the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) has operated to lift standards within the pet food industry and advocate for pet food regulation. The PFIAA in conjunction with industry, government, veterinary and animal welfare stakeholders helped establish the AS5812; Australian Standard for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food – Cats and dogs. AS5812 provides detailed guidance on the sale and manufacture of pet food products, with the focus on producing safe and nutritious food for Australian cats and dogs.

Without pet food regulation, the AS5812 remains voluntary in Australia. However, members of the PFIAA are committed to the production of pet food products that are AS5812 compliant and are third-party audited2 regularly against the Standard.

To purchase a pet food product that is AS5812 compliant, look for the PFIAA Tick of Approval logo on the product’s packaging or check at the product’s website. You’ll be seeing the PFIAA Tick of Approval logo popping up on more pet food products as time progresses and packaging is updated.

The PFIAA Tick of Approval logo looks like this:


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