Two Years on from Senate Inquiry

It’s been two years since the Senate Inquiry report was handed down and the commencement of the Department of Agriculture Pet Food Review. Over the last 2 years, the PFIAA has maintained active participation in the Department of Agriculture review process while proactively completing an internal review of the Australian Standard – AS5812. The PFIAA support regulation of the industry to make the Australian Standard mandatory.

Through the AS5812 review process, our aim has been to:

      • Continue ensuring pet safety
      • Rebuild pet parent confidence in the industry
      • Be proactive
      • Continue to build the reputation of the industry

While following our guiding principles of:

      • Food safety is paramount – this is food for a family member
      • Being trusted and transparent
      • Continuous improvement

A key topic from the inquiry included the need for an industry recall and withdrawal process. The PFIAA Standards and Technical Working Group have adopted the FSANZ recall protocol as its guidance document and are currently in the final stages of completing this document for review.

The annual auditing of PFIAA members to AS5812 and the use of a sole third-party certification body has been well received by members. By using a single audit body, the PFIAA can ensure audit continuity while ensuring the continual improvement of the industry is maintained.

We continue to work with the government’s Pet Food Review Committee and subgroup, and continue our advocacy with government, authorities and stakeholders.

As we venture through to the end of 2020 the PFIAA focus is on a strategy to successfully navigate the pet food reform recommendations from the Agricultural Ministers (AGMIN), continuing impacts from COVID-19, and the changing economic landscape.

What’s most important? Our pets.