Why become a member

The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA)

The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) represents pet food manufacturers, marketers and affiliated industry members. Through membership, new and existing manufacturers can learn the standards for the manufacture of safe pet food and treats.

The PFIAA works with regulators to influence the development of standards and regulation to achieve good policy objectives. The association is represented on several committees across the pet food sector to ensure a consistent and transparent voice on behalf of its members.

PFIAA members are required to meet the Australian Standard Manufacture and marketing of pet food AS5812 – 2023. The Standard has been developed through Standards Australia with representatives from state and federal government departments, the Australian Veterinary Association, the RSPCA, JAZ ANZ – Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand and the PFIAA. The Standard assists companies to ensure the safety and quality of their pet food products.

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Manufacturing members are third party audited and certified to AS5812

Manufacturing members are third party audited and certified to meet the Australian Standard – Manufacturing and marketing of pet food – AS5812 – 2023. Under agreement with the Department of Agriculture, through a letter of exchange, this certification also provides the basis for an export listing.

To achieve AS5812 Certification companies are required to be a financial member of the PFIAA and have all their Australian manufacturing sites third party audited annually.

PetFAST reporting system

The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia works closely with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) on a joint initiative – the PetFAST reporting system. The PetFAST team includes three vets from the AVA and the PFIAA Executive Manager.

PetFAST is a system to track health problems in cats and dogs that are suspected of being linked to pet food, pet treats and pet meat. The reports are completed by veterinarians if they suspect an adverse effect from a pet food, treat or fresh pet meat product.

PetFAST is a voluntary reporting system to protect the health of our cats and dogs.

All reports are forwarded to the manufacturer/s included in the reports. Manufacturers are obliged to investigate and advise the PetFAST team of the outcomes.

Funding support may be available for members and non-members. Please refer to the PetFAST Funding Policy for the conditions.

Pet owners should seek veterinarian advice if they have concerns for the health and welfare of their pets.

Protecting Pets

To support the safety & quality of pet food in Australia, PFIAA also offers assistance to members and non-members who receive a PetFAST report.